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Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction with every newly overhauled unit. All air conditioning compressors overhauled by Skyline Accessories, LLC, comes with a six month warranty on all parts and labor from invoiced date.


If you are installing a newly overhauled compressor from Skyline Accessories LLC, please make sure you purge your system to eliminate any system contamination from previous compressor failure BEFORE installing the replacement unit. If you do not properly flush the system and check the items as listed below you may void your warranty on the newly overhauled compressor.

The following lists the most common reasons for compressor failure:


  1. Low Freon charge
  2. Over Freon charge
  3. POA valve Malfunction
  4. STV valve malfunction
  5. EXP valve malfunction
  6. Rec. drier full of moisture
  7. Condenser air flow restricted
  8. Thermostat malfunction
  9. Low oil charge
  10. High head pressure
  11. Low head pressure

If you would take the time to consider the above and perform the noted system checks it will help to ensure the compressor and system performs smoothly.
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